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A company that has no logo is least in marketing and branding terms. The company design logo is the visual representation of its entrepreneurial identity that will make it recognizable for the entire world out there. A good logo design must have such power of attraction that can even entice investors to make a deal with your company. However, with the logo creation, the identity of your company can not be taken for granted yet; it actually takes many years to consolidate the brand name of the company, as well as following a strategic marketing plan according to the objectives of the enterprise.

Even consolidated large companies require refueling their marketing strategies and re-branding their image by redesigning the logo design; for instance, in case of merging -when two similar companies get together- the new formed company has to make a custom logo design that can be based on the former logos of the original companies.

The re-branding or re-inventing of the company also takes place when the current logo of the company or product is not doing ("selling") well; therefore it is necessary to redesign, usually done by professional in corporate image and design. It has been proven that some companies have reached success after a logo makeover.

Design LogoDesign LogoDesign LogoDesign LogoDesign LogoDesign Logo

When a company is making a shift to a new business niche, it will also have to create a new logo or redefine the one it already has, according to the new identity that company is going to acquire. Likewise, they turn to logo re-definition to correct their "errors" such as addressing to a wrong costumer group, to clean its image if the company has been through serious problems and to give a renovated and fresh image towards new customers and competitors.

Since most companies are landing into the World Wide Web to extend their reach or even to do business exclusively online, website logo design is a new concept to work. Web pages have a different interface, strategies and methods for marketing promotion. When it comes to design web logo we have to speak about a completely different "look and feel" to the brick-and-mortar logo design and reproduction. Although, the main aims and purposes are the same: sales at most and market consolidation.

Whether it is a design letterhead logo or a web site logo, branding standards must me carefully maintained and updated through the life of the business. For this, it is preferable to ask the experts, who will conceptualize the logo of your business and bring it to life. Having the right log and an aggressive marketing and communications campaign will assure your success in your business market.

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