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Downloading screen savers for free is easier than ever. If you want get something better than the basic wallpapers and backgrounds that come with your current operating system, you can get a free animated wallpaper in a snap if you know where to look. The key is find the right offers that includes freeware that you can download easily.

Once learning how to operate their laptop or computer, most users want to personalize their computer. There are many ways to do this, you can change the theme, including the colors and fonts of the screens and windows, or even things like changing the design of your mouse. But one of the most popular things to do is adding a cool wallpaper.

Cool WallpapersCool WallpapersCool WallpapersCool WallpapersCool WallpapersCool Wallpapers

While there are some basic ones that come with your computer, you can get some much more animated backgrounds, even 3D wallpapers that have been developed for sharing. The key is finding these for free and without hassle.

Sure, one way to do this is to design your own. Some people do this with pictures, in other words they choose a favorite picture or a collage of pictures and that becomes their screen saver. But if you want some kind of design, or sophisticated 3D animation, you better know how to perform graphic design and have the right software to do this. Once you develop your cool animated wallpaper, you must then also know how to configure it into your computer.

Fortunately, there's a better way. You can get screen savers for free by finding the right freeware offer that provides you with a catalog of pre-developed and pre-designed free online screen savers and animated wallpapers for you to use. This is normally done by downloading a toolbar into your web browser that provides you this collection of cool screen savers that you can easily load and use on your machine.

When you get access to this collection of animates wallpapers, you'll likely be amazed at how many you'll have to choose from. If there is a specific one you are looking for, feel free to search, but there are tons of themes and designs, including many you haven't thought of. Examples include animal theme backgrounds, holiday theme screen savers (Halloween backgrounds, Christmas backgrounds, etc.), 3D backgrounds, aquarium wallpapers, ocean screens, and more.

In fact most people once getting access to such a catalog of backgrounds, they will change them frequently. This is especially popular with holiday themes or other seasonal wallpapers.

So getting screen savers for free is simple and easy if you know where to look. Soon it will be something everyone is doing, so are you ready for your new cool background?

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