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Conventional dressing is the thing of past for the urban youth as T-Shirts with cool quotes is a rage across all college campuses. Fashion is all about expressing your personality and being your individual self. As a result, T-Shirts with slogans are the best way to make a style statement. Such t-shirts are not only comfortable and stylish but also help convey a message to the world. This trend is slowly picking up on celebrities as well. Unlike the usual casual wear, T-Shirts with funny quotes are eye-catchy and easily strike a chord with close pals.

Whilst it is well-known that younger generations have different moods in different situations, only some of them are quite open to express it. For instance, boys can take on a melodramatic attitude during their college hours. On the contrary, they can be quite relaxed while talking a walk on the beach. Furthermore, guys can don a flirtatious mask when going for social get-togethers, such as late-night bashes, birthday parties, or college welcome events.

Funny QuotesFunny QuotesFunny QuotesFunny QuotesFunny QuotesFunny Quotes

As well as making a fashion statement, tees are meant to express your personality and mood. Since young lads tend to be full of zest and quite moody, T-Shirts with captions scripted over them serve a dual purpose. Not only do they help you in expressing how you feel, they communicate to others as to what mood you are in. Some popular T-Shirts ideas that can help you communicate your mood and behavioural disposition are as under:-

• T-Shirts with Furious Quotes: T-Shirts with such quotes are suitable when you are in 'angry young men' mood. Suppose you feel very irritated and are annoyed by the situations or people around, simply putting a tee with quotes 'Don't Anger Me' would reflect your mood to your friends and they would give you some space on that day.

• T-Shirts with Movie Quotes: T-Shirts with movie quotes are best for movie-freaks and teens that enjoy melodrama. Usually, these T-Shirts feature famous dialogues of movies either on front or back of the tee. When someone wears a T-Shirts with movie quotes, it helps others know more about that person's personality and movie preferences. For example, it is evident that there is difference in a personality of a person wearing a super hero T-Shirt versus the one wearing a T-Shirt with a classic late 90 movie dialogue.

• T-Shirts with Flirtatious Quotes: These types of T-shirts are best suited when you want to initiate a conversation with someone. Highly popular amongst college teens, T-Shirts with flirtatious quotes can really impress your crush.

• T-shirts with Funny Quotes: T-Shirts with funny quotes reflect that the person wearing it is a happy-go lucky person and someone who loves humour. Such T-Shirts spreads a wave of laughter and smile across your peers.

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