Black And White

There is nothing boring about shoes and boots for women these days and if you compare the choices to just fifty years ago bright vibrant colours alone has entered the mix to create some startling examples.

Up till the nineteen sixties most photography and film was in black and white so it has been difficult to imagine the colour of anything in this media. Sometimes it seems everything was in black and white and when modern computer software can convert very old film into colour it seems slightly odd.

Recently a series of real war pictures were converted into colour and seeing soldiers in khaki instead of a lighter shade of black was quite startling.

Black And White

Apart from one famous forties movie all about a pair of red shoes no amount of colour addition to old photos and movies can disguise the fact that nearly all shoes for men and women have historically always been black and brown with a very rare white mainly for the tennis court or golf course.

Thirties gangsters may have had white spats but they were frowned upon by the gentry who considered them far too fast for good taste.

When you look at the vast array of styles and colours particularly in womens shoes and then look at Grannies photos it is hard not to feel sorry for the lack of choice available back then in the dark ages.

Shoes always look best in natural leather and this is the one thing that has not changed in thousands of years. The earliest shoes found by archaeologists from various parts of old civilisations have invariably been made from leather.

The natural beauty of leather is matched by the durability and a well-crafted shoe or boot can with proper care be made to last a great many years.

With a good leather shoe or boot it is almost impossible to overdo the polishing. With a good quality shoe polish it is possible to get the proverbial soldiers parade ground boot in which the sergeant-major really can see his own reflection.

If you are in London and happen to be in the city between a Monday and Friday you can spot the suited bankers who spent time in the army by the shine of their shoes. A well-polished toe cap will reinforce the likelihood of the wearer having done his army service as clearly as his deportment both aspects of which are never forgotten.

Women have a choice of shoes and boots like never before and the only problem with that is the danger that collecting them can become an obsession.

We all know women who cannot pass a shoe store without having to look inside. This may be one of the reasons that shoe shops are surviving better than most retail outlets.

Womens shoes and boots are an essential part of the wardrobe and yet with all the choices available how many times does a man have to hear the words; I've got nothing to match this new dress.

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