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Fun frolic and festivity is a part of life. All of us like to celebrate together and this needs a medium of communication. Communication without humor would be like a garland without flowers. It would then be a routine process of transferring information without any newness and excitement. But thankfully things are not so. Life is full of plethora of emotions like- love, anger, happiness, anger etc. One such emotion is fun and it goes without saying that fun is an important part of every domain of our life. Amidst these, the funny quotes play a major role. Be it a normal day to day conversation or a formal presentation, a pinch of humor through such phrases makes the complete atmosphere more amiable and interactive.

Funny QuotesFunny QuotesFunny QuotesFunny QuotesFunny QuotesFunny Quotes

One recent development in the use of such hilarious quotes has been on the social networking sites where people put random thoughts, messages and quotes on public forums like Orkut, Facebook and Twitter. This has been a recent method to catch attention of their friends and acquaintances as this way they can interact with them frequently and with ease. The variety of topics they post on such forums varies but humor is always one of the most favored topics for the same. People write quotes written by them or copy it from different sources, but the motive remains the same, popularity and affinity with the fellow mates. And this successfully works for a majority of people because everyone likes fun and enjoyment irrespective of their color, nationality or any other parameter. This is because other things like choice of music, eating habits or dressing sense may vary from person to person or from region to region but a taste for fun never changes. Almost everyone understands this form of communication and also enjoy it at the same time

Funny quotes can be made for any topic on earth ranging from serious issues like politics and love to trivial every day issues like classroom or cooking. It depends on the sense of humor of the person to extract out the fun of ordinary moments. There are a few exceptionally gifted people who can make up funny phrases from every situation of life. Such are the kind of people who brighten up the lives of everyone around them and spread happiness around

Sometimes these funny quotes are also used to spread serious messages to the vast audience from diverse background because humor appeals to all. This helps people spread the message quite easily. It has also been increasingly used for social welfare and for business purposes. One of the most evident examples of this is the use of humorous sayings in print and outdoor advertisements and also in television commercials. Everyone, be it kids or adults like such advertisements and remember it for a longer period of time which translates into the success of the brand. This formula has been used for ages and is still effective and successful. Such quotes are used in taglines too so that people remember them. As a result of this connection, people also tend to use these quotes in normal everyday conversation which also helps people increase the brand recall

People also use such quotes in greetings and messages to people they care about. They do so to bring a smile on their faces

We can say that funny quotes add that spice to life which helps break the monotony of life and also brings people close to each other by sharing the smiles and laughter together with each other. This helps them build a bond among each other which is built on the base of smiles and laughter. This strong foundation helps relationships to bloom and also create happy memories from them

This tool is used by all for a variety of purposes; right from a normal human being to great authors like George Eliot. Big literary geniuses have said intelligent things in the most humorous way and there lies their skill. This is a very trivial thing but it has so intrinsically meshed with our life that we cannot separate it. They are now such an important part of life that we cannot imagine life without it

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