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Instagram among the most popular social networks today. It has over 300 million active users and is growing rapidly. It is specialized social network in image and short video sharing and recently moved towards instant messaging.

Instagram grow so rapidly in photo sharing sphere and mobile that Facebook decided to acquire it for $1 billion to expand their roots in mobile and photo sharing. At the time most people believed that it was overvalued but seeing a whooping 300 million active monthly users, billions of shared images, it is now valued even higher than that.

While Instagram is around for a while, people keep asking me what is the size of Instagram pictures. Instagram image size used to be 612px in width X 612px in height but recently image size was slightly increased to keep up with phablets, tablets and other smartphones with high screen resolution.

Instagram LogoInstagram LogoInstagram LogoInstagram LogoInstagram LogoInstagram Logo

Current image size is 640px in width X 640px in height. We expect that Instagram will keep this image size for an expended period of time, otherwise they would have bumped image size even more. While the image size is bumped to 640px by 640px, it is still scaled down to 612px by 612px using CSS. Which means that these images will look better on high-resolution displays such as Retina (HiDPI). You don’t need to get into these technical details and remember to keep your image size 640px by 640px.

To create the best looking Instagram images you should keep your camera settings to higher resolution than the one recommended by Instagram because images are being cropped and you don’t want to make them look pixelated.

This year is expected to be year of 4K resolution in TV, Monitors and probably even laptops and tablets, so we can expect that Instagram will have to increase image size to 1280 px by 1280 px but we are still fara way from this and I will keep you updated on this.

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