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In a little over a year, Love Quotes scarves have cornered the high end scarf market. Pretty much every celebrity in Hollywood has one, including Sienna Miller, Jessica Alba, Fergie, Lindsay Lohan, and so many more, and real women are snatching them up like crazy. Now, it's time to learn all about the Spring 2009 line of of love quotes scarves colors. Keep reading to find out what the hot shades are and where to get them!

Some of the spring 09 Love Quotes Scarves colors are great transition pieces between winter and spring. This can be said about Marina and Cocoshell. Marina is a medium toned shade of blue, but it's not a royal blue. This particular scarf was seen on Lauren Conrad, star of The Hills. And the Cocoshell love quotes scarf was also seen on several celebrities such as Cameron Diaz. This particular scarf is a dusty shade of brown (not a chocolate brown) which is a great nuetral and looks wonderful with a wide array of outfits.

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The best colors for spring are the dusty pastels. Love Quotes makes several scarfs in those shades, like Lagoon and Solar. The Lagoon scarf is a dusky shade of light blue, which is pretty, unique, and looks great with black, white and other shades of gray. And solar is a pretty light yellow, which is a fun color to wear and will carry through to the summer. The loves quote scarf in solar is perfect for more casual outfits, like jeans and a tank top or t-shirt, which is the way Hilary Duff wears hers! Hilary also has a love quotes scarf in Jeep, which is a deep, dusty shade of green that is absolutely gorgeous. This scarf goes great with black and is a must for any beige, camel and khaki colored outfits.

But we can't have spring with out brights! These are the love quotes scarves that will stay constants in your wardrobe all the way through summer. Shanae Grimes from the CW's 90210 loves her love quotes scarf in Love, which is bright red. She wore her Love scarf with a black and white graphic tee and gray leggings, which is a great look. There's also Lime Ice, which has been seen on actress Rachel Bilson. Green is due to be a big color in 2009, and these bright shade of lime green will definitely turn heads and add a pop of color to any outfit. And if you're really daring, the love quotes scarf in Valencia is fit for you! Valencia is a bright, yet pretty shade of orange.

And if neutrals are your thing, Love Quotes hasn't left you out. This spring they're rolling out the love quotes scarf in yoga, which is the brights shade of what you can find from their line. Lauren Conrad and Rachel Bilson have both been spotted wearing this scarf. There's also Beach, which is the color of sand. It's sort of like a dirty/off white, great for casual looks, and you don't have to worry about dirtying it up!

Be sure to check out all these hot new colors of Love Quotes scarves, and snatch up a few to match all your outfits. Right now you can save 30% off your Love Quotes scarves purchases at with coupon code Spring30. Check out their other hot celeb lines like Lauren Conrad and Gypsy 05 dresses as well.

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