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Love is the greatest feeling that anyone can ever experience. To love and to be loved is great. There are several animals in the world that have been used as love symbols. They are universally known to represent something. The dove are known world wide to represent the symbol of peace and if sent to a person it simply means that they love them in a very great way. In the western countries the dove has always been used during the wedding to symbolize that the couples love each other. There are some birds that have also been known to symbolize love. They are known as love birds. These love birds are blue in color. It is generally believed that one love bird can not live without its partner, it mysteriously dies. Whatever the case, these little blue birds are used as a symbol for love.

Some other love symbols that can be used are the dolphins and the swans. It is believed that the Greek goddess of love took the form of a dolphin. So according to some people, since this goddess of love took the form of a dolphin, the dolphins can be used to signify that you love someone. The swan can also be used to signify that you love someone. The Virgin Mary has got several symbols and one of them is the swan. The Virgin Mary is full of love and it is pure. When someone sends you a swan, they simply mean that they love you and the love they have for you is pure. The swan has several other meaning though among them grace, beauty, and grace.

Love SymbolLove SymbolLove SymbolLove SymbolLove Symbol

Among love symbols that are commonly used are the horse. The horse is attributed to a horse goddess that was full of love and fertility. It is also believed that the horse carries with it light and warmth. It is also one of the Chinese Zodiac signs. It is also among the strongest animals in the world and people often refer to people who are strong as, as strong as a horse. If someone sent you a horse, it could mean that they love you and not only that, that their love is as strong as it can be and they are comparing it to the horse. It is good to have someone who loves you truly.

The star fish and the ladybug are also love symbols. It is believed that a ladybug when captured and then released will fly to the person you love and tell him or her, your name. Perhaps you should catch a ladybug today and experiment with it. The proof will be that after it has whispered your name to the person you love or to the person that loves you, he or she will come to wherever you are. This ladybug also has some spots on its back and before you harry to disapprove of this you should count the number of sports it had. The spots represent the number of months you will have to wait before your true love shows up. The star fish on the other hand is a symbol of love. It looks like a star and stars are also known to symbolize love.

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