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The Memphis Grizzlies team was established in 1995 in Vancouver, British Columbia along with the Toronto Raptors as part of the NBA's expansion to Canada. It was relocated to Memphis in 2001. Nickname Grizzlies was chosen after the original name Mounties was abandoned following objections by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the name was kept upon moving to Memphis.

The team logo is a snarling Grizzly's face in two shades of blue with yellow eyes. One of its stars is Spanish Paul Gasol who was originally drafted by the Atlanta hawks in 2001 but was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies where he played 7 seasons and won the Rookie of the Year award in his first season with the Grizzlies. He now plays for the Lakers.

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The team colors are dark blue, powder blue and yellow. The Grizzlies sport a jersey in white for home games and blue for road games, both with light blue linings on the side.

Miami Heats
Miami once played home to an ABA team known as the Floridians, and got its first NBA team in 1988 as part of a two-phase expansion that also included Orlando Magic, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Charlotte Hornets. It got its name after a contest where Flamingos was in close second. It made a major step in acquiring superstar center Shaquille O'Neal on July 4, 2004. Another important team player is Alonzo Mourning, who is simply known as "Zo". Zo has earned NBA Defensive Player of The Year Award twice and is always placed on the NBA All-defensive team. He made a comeback after undergoing a kidney transplant. The franchise won its first NBA title in the 2005-2006 NBA season against the Dallas Mavericks.

The Heats home uniform is in white and the road uniform is in black. The team also sports an alternate red jersey, which was introduced during the 2001-2002 season, and is the unofficial Heat road uniform during the NBA Playoffs. They are also the only NBA team to place the NBA logo on the right shoulder instead of having it on the left.

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