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You have heard about friend quotes several times and you have used them to change other people's moods. Probably you get excited when you receive good ones from your cherished buddies. To be realistic, good quotes bring about good emotional moods.

Bad quotes bring about bad emotional moods. Before saying anything to your buddies or sending text messages to them, it is better you have a picture in your mind how it's going to affect their moods. Otherwise, you may end up creating bad emotional moods that actually ruins your friendship with them.

At times, friends are said to be moody and there could be many reasons which make them to behave so. But the bad side of it is that this behavior brings unhappiness to them. If you realize that your friend is in this state, then you have to do something to cause good emotional moods.

Friend QuotesFriend QuotesFriend QuotesFriend QuotesFriend Quotes

"A friend in need is a friend indeed," therefore, sending her best friend quotes could be of help to her. You can get them from the internet as there are sites that offer them for free. Many of our friends experience a lot of emotional moods out there. My question to you is this: Are they psychological problems or just bad emotional habits?

"Emotional Hygiene" is what some of your buddies practice. This happens when they are upset and decide not to do anything to lighten their moods. To get rid of this bad habit, they should get themselves busy by doing things they're passionate about.

If they are "moody," it could be a bad habit, or it could be something more. They may in fact have bipolar disorder, or they may have some other type of psychological disorders. If, however, they're generally healthy and they simply "give in to their feelings," just because they can, this can be a bad habit.

Worrying a lot is a bad habit that they should avoid. If they constantly worry or are obsessed with upcoming events, then they should try to switch their minds from such worries to doing something constructive like helping their smaller brothers and sisters do their homework.

A hypochondriac is another emotionally painful bad habit that friends have. To be frank to you, this certainly requires psychological intervention. But this does not mean that they can't change it by themselves.

Unreasonable attention seeking is an emotional bad habit. Friends who seek this type of attention are the ones that did not get enough attention during their childhood life; therefore they want to compensate it now. They usually force their friends to pay attention to their unnecessary annoying issues by all means.

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